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Hellgrimm is a blues-inspired, metal trio forged in 2018 from the elixir of Jerry’s writing and guitar wizardry, Erica Missey’s searing vocals and punctuating drums, and Craig Wells' throbbing bass lines,

Hellgrimm conjures images of times past, of witches and warlocks and demons and darkness. The bluesy, rhythmic melodies punctuated by haunting solos and a piercing voice give hope that there may be paths out of the dark depths. 

In previous incarnations, members of Hellgrimm have garnered the attention of many heavy hitters, attracting such people as guitarist supremo Michael Angelo Batio, Impaler vocalist Bill Lindsey, Drummer Snowy Shaw (King Diamond) and guitarist Chris Poland (Megadeth) to play on their albums.

Band founder and guitarist Jerry Connor began his obsession with guitar on South Padre Island, Texas. After years playing in various local bands, his world turned upside down when a fateful accident nearly cost him left hand and his life. Following two major surgeries, many doctors told him he would never play guitar again. Undeterred, Jerry studied music theory and composition at the University of Texas Pan American in hopes of becoming a composer.

Determined to follow his dream of being a noted guitarist, Jerry rehabilitated his hand through years of relentless practice and was able to once again rock the crowd slinging six strings. After playing and recording across the country with many groups, he settled in San Antonio and began writing the music that would become signature Hellgrimm.

Drummer/vocalist Erica Missey fell in love with the music world watching her grandfather and uncle play guitar in her childhood. She started playing trumpet when she was eleven, and enjoyed playing through high school and in a couple of bands in college.

After several years of concentrating on her early art career, Erica had a strong urge to return to making music. She bought a bass guitar and began teaching herself to play. In 2002, she met Jerry Connor and joined with him to form Hellgrimm. After years of playing bass for the band, in 2010, Erica shifted her focus to become Hellgrimm's drummer and primary singer.

The band has had the aid of talented bassists Craig Wells, Josh Pechawer, and Jarmon Willis. 





San Antonio, TX, USA



Rock, Metal, Grunge


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Monkeysoop, Green Jellÿ, Astro Corps








Burning V Records




Jerry Connor : hellgrimmband@outlook.com, 210-259-9784

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